Saturday, August 1, 2009

new website in progress, or intentions to begin again, or greetings from Brooklyn

as the title says, new website up an' comin. in the process of working out and uploading a site for a new Northwestern student film, Judecca (, mine got all fritzed up. i took it as a good sign that i should update it. stay tuned. right now, just a little flash splash page (take a look!, but soon a full blown grown site.

in addition i'm beginning to work a tad bit again. with this i intend to start using this again to post new things and items of interest.

for now, newest music obsession: Gogol Bordello. "multi-ethnic gypsy punk," for once i think wikipedia pretty much got it covered. listen to "Through the Roof and Underground."
'lead' of the group (a good mustache / beard says it all):

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

stencils, or how i have come to retrace my steps back

i'll post again soon. these are the first stencils i've done in a while. i'm excited that they might not be the last ones also. there is not much that calms me down more than this.

in addition i have a short video that i need to add, if anything, so my friend David Marx can see it. stay tuned.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Series - Ameyn

this series, ameyn, focuses on Biblical figures and their main life failing points. Saul (jealousy), Jezebel (corruption), David (murder and adultery), Absalom (greed of power), and Aaron (doubt in G-D). Ameyn in Hebrew is defined as "so be it," as in the finishing of something, the end, nothing more to be said. i suppose that using this as the series title is a little ironic, because the underlying point in this for me is that these character's failing points are not the last thing to be said. for example in Saul, Jezebel, and Absalom, their failures were their literal last word. however, david and aaron are to be remembered as some of the greatest figures within the entire old testament, and yet their failing points were not any "worse" or "better" than the others.
concluding point? failures do not define your life. you define your life. you decide, whether you realize it or not, when you say "ameyn."

Saul (jealousy)

Jezebel (corruption)

David (murder and adultery)

Absalom (greed of power)

Aaron (doubt)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

final project series from last quarter

series on my family. i took pictures of each member of my family (father, momma, and three sisters) and split each into four smaller pictures. on each of those i either double exposed their picture with one of an object on the actual photo print, or projected their picture onto another and then printed the resulting image. technical things aside, this project consists of the women in my family (i didn't end up using my father's picture) and each of the doubled images are things or pictures that i associate them with, whether it be a picture from their wedding a couple years ago or after arts and crafts hour many many years ago. the objects are similar, just things i associate with each of them, tea packets, a certain magazine, running shoes, etc. this series is not saying that the things or images i associate them with are the only things that make them up, it is to say that they are more complex, that we cannot form the image of another person completely. all we have is fragments of anyone, enabling for either surprise or disappointment. that being said, i don't believe i have ever been disappointed by anyone of the following four people.





i AM going to be updating this more. see y'all in a few days.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

prints made this past week:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

print making and footprints

apologies for the absence, but i have been running around frantically tried not to be absent from anything. classes this quarter lead to different challenges, ones from which i can see a path toward resolve and results.

two prints made today (first time making prints in the lab!) and more more to come. i have plans beginning their swirl of formation for the next few weeks. hopefully i will soon have some of those results that i mentioned before.

another 'result':

i said in the last entry to stay tuned for that one picture. i don't know how i feel about this, but eventually if i convince myself that it's okay, there will be a green-red and purple-yellow canvas to join it. this one was painted entirely with orange, blue, black, and white as a look into isolated complementary portraits of certain people. dev was a given for blue, and therefore, orange. once during one of our many coffee conversations he said that blue seemed the most natural color out of any. for him i think he is most definitely right.